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I am my to do list’s bitch. That’s right. Its 13 items
long. Those are the 13 things that seem reasonable to accomplish today. The master to do list (were I to make it)
would be frightening. We’re talking a list of 40-50 things that need to get done, and done as soon as possible.
Heading the list are my thesis, some work that I brought home, and culling the list of 20 apartments that seem to be in
my price range and expectancies. I need to drop that by at least half by tomorrow noon so I can call and inquire.
Woohoo! Moving fun!

Notice knitting doesn’t appear to be anywhere in my near future. Nope. The socks for
my friend on campus will probably not get finished until after May 15th at which point I will have to ship them to her
from my new location–Eugene, Oregon. I’m thinking the car time (my mom and sister are flying in from Maine, as is my
dad–seperately and Dad will be renting a spacious vehilce for the transport of my worldly possessions). I have the
materials for about 4 pairs of pippi kneestockings, (I have another skein of the sockotta in that color, and 2 in a
denim-y blue–color number 2) so I’m thinking that the car ride (which will be somewhere between 24-31 hours depending
on if we stop to see things along the way (going to see Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse tacks on 7 hours) will give me
lots of time, as I will not be driving. My sister may be going with us, but at this point that looks like it won’t
happen. Either way, there will hopefully be some finished socks by the time I get settled in Oregon and can start on
some other projects, although I think my summer may be mostly socks as I’ve discovered that I love making them.

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