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big yellow taxi…

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Well, some good, some bad to report here. My sister came
through the worst bits fine, like I said before, and they were hoping to have her off the ventilator by the end of the
day today. Sadly, last night that had to remedicate her and up the amount the ventilator was breathing for her. She
was better this morning when my mom called me to update me, but it’s going to be a lot slower than the doctors hoped it
would be. Baby steps, and she should be back on her feet soon enough. She’s one amazing, tough cookie and I love her
so much.

This has been incredibly hard on me. I’ve gone into random fits of depression and crying jags,
and last night I just shut off completely. Derek was trying to talk to me, like the good boy that he is, and I didn’t
have more than one word at a time to say to him. I’m exhausted a large chunk of the time, so I’m kind of trying to lay
low a little bit and stop worrying so much. Everything’s going to come out in the wash…It has to.

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