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New Job

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Hmmm…Sunday, and tomorrow is Monday (obviously!)  I start
my new job tomorrow, working as a small scale graphic designer, with mostly simple design projects for my university.  
The money isn’t great, but its better than I’d be making at home and I’m just at the point where I need a break from
the stress of architecture.  I didn’t get any packing done again today, but I’ve got plans to bust butt on it tomorrow
afternoon when I get done with work (hooray for being done at 3pm every day!).  Just found out that my best friend
seems to have forgotten his plans to come visit me next weekend, so tomorrow I’m going to have to pick up my phone and
remind him.  Other than that today was quite uneventful, lots of napping, lots of tv, and some reading.  I’ve been
watching the food network a lot lately, and tonight’s theme was wedding shows.  Man it looks like fun to have a wedding
to plan.  We’ll see if I ever have one.  When I was a kid I always figured that by the time I turned 22 I’d be out of
college and married and on my way to having a family…Wow has that changed as I’ve gotten older.  Firstly, I’ve still
got another year left of school.  And unless I’m ready to meet someone, get married and start working on babies in 2.5
weeks…well, NOT going to happen.  I’m not even ready to think super seriously about any of those things even…I
figure I should find someone to at least go out with on a date or two before I even start to think past that
point….Anyway, I’m to bed…


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