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Revisiting old thoughts…

I see the dragon as my
personal symbol.  I used to be really weak, emotionally.I was shaky, insecure and suicidal.  To me, the dragon embodies
the internal struggle gone through, which is why the dragon is curled around a sphere, protecting his soft
underbelly parts.  Dragons are often a symbol of protection, much as in the piece of artwork I did based on my poem
.nightmares..  I know I can now protect myself from myself, as well as from many of the external pressures I feel.  
Also, my dragon is a symbol of one of the greatest friendships I never thought I.d find, a friendship in which I am
fully confident of myself and my place in, and it is this confidence I strive to achieve in more parts of my life.  The
colors of purple and red symbolize two very different aspects of my personality, the red my fiery imagination, my
sometimes-quick temper and my craziness.  The purple symbolizes the more serious side of my personality, the reserved,
thoughtful, poetry writing, dark, brooding side.  


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