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Rest Well, Seamus Heaney

I’m not much for poetry. I enjoy it in small bursts, but you won’t find me pouring over books of sonnets for hours on end. When it came time to choose readings for our wedding, I came across Seamus Heaney’s Scaffolding and it instantly struck more than one chord with me. It’s about building, and read more

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Target Women

Or, Sarah Haskins, I totally have have a girl crush on you. I’ve been watching the “Target Women” spots for awhile now. Sarah Haskins is tall, and lovely and never seems to quite know what to do with her arms. Oh, and she’s hysterically funny. From Chick Flicks, to Yogurt (food of women!), to read more


Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine was shut down by the police at an anti-RNC concert. Not disheartened, the band found a megaphone and performed a capella on the streets, with commentary between songs that inspires even my disheartened and politics-weary heart. I am so saddened to hear about the goings-on in St. Paul, a place that read more

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