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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Ice Invaders

I bought my husband this Ice Invaders ice cube tray for his Christmas stocking. I’m trying to come up with some ridiculously nerdy cocktail to go with them. I feel like perhaps it needs to be bright green.


Nearly Wordless Wednesday :: Leaving on a Jet Plane

I’m leaving my husband and the cats at home for a two-week visit with friends and family back home. There will be some posts while I’m away, but I didn’t get as many photos edited as I wanted to so they may be fewer than I originally planned.

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Cuttlefish

Etymology: The origin of the word cuttlefish can be found in the old English term cudele, itself derived in the 1400s from the Norwegian koddi (testicle) and the Middle German kudel (pouch), a literal description of the cephalopod’s shape. The Greco-Roman world valued the cephalopod as a source of the unique brown pigment released from read more

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