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Bits and pieces for this entry. I haven’t posted anything because I have been swamped with reading for school.

Today, I went to a memorial service at the local baptist church. The wife of a professor who is very dear to me passed away last Wednesday and the memorial was today. It was hard, but easy at the same time. I hate to see people cry, and so I did a lot of crying [I would have cried on my own anyway.] I went with TheFabulousKristi and held her hand while she cried. It was good to check in our professor, we’ve been worried about him. He says he’s got to learn to cook now, so she and I are going to teach him. He was obviously sad, but in a much better state than we’ve seen him in recent months [she had a particularly agressive strain of cancer.] It’s good to know she’s not suffering anymore.

In less sad news, I started in on a sweater for myself yesterday. I’m knitting the size I am now, with hopes that it will be wearable through the winter. My bust hasn’t changed a lot as I’ve gained weight so there’s hope that it won’t get that much smaller [although on the flip side of that coin, I would KILL for my bust to be a few sizes smaller!] The great thing about the sweater is that it is knit from the top down so it’s easy to try it on as I go. There will be photos once it starts to look like something.

I dyed some fiber for a swap I’m in and I’m not sure if I like the outcome or not. But the house smells like kool-aid. I’m hoping that TheBoy will get me set up with some real dyes for Christmas. I’ve resisted because of a lack of space but I don’t want to resist anymore. I can get a lot more for my money if I buy undyed fiber in bulk and dye it myself. I suspect there will be some near-misses in that case as I dye more. At least I’ve got a lot of color theory under my belt.

I also finished spinning for another swap I’m doing. As soon as the yarn is dry I’ll be packaging it up to ship it off to Italy. Speaking of dry, the rain has finally started, at least for a few days. I spent yesterday dancing about the apartment celebrating the rain. TheBoy is starting to realize how crazy I am…Let’s hope that doesn’t discourage him from marrying me!

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