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Shot a Man in Reno, Just to Watch Him Die.

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Here’s a little tip to anyone who might need to stay in Reno. There’s a pretty nice Holiday Inn, not that expensive there. They have fancy cable and free internet. Plus, they were the only place we could find with a room at 10:30 last night when we realized that due to snow [and a closing of Interstate 80 at the California-Nevada border] we wouldn’t be traveling any further. Not really our ideal for our traveling conditions here, we were supposed to be home by now, but alive and safe is better than crashed somewhere in the middle of nowhere. We’re making a little route change, going through Sacramento instead of back through Susanville, and the traffic cams seem to show that by the time we hit Oregon it should be okay. A little messy yet, but okay. And then we should be home in no more than another 12 hours from time of posting. At which point, I can write all about our 4.5 days in Las Vegas.

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