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Studious or rebellious?

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Sometimes I wonder why I’m still in school. I love my program, I love being a student but at times like tonight I wish I could curl up with knitting and some cocoa and ignore the fact that I should at least do a little reading for my quiz tomorrow. I know that all I need to do to ace the quiz is read the book which is very enjoyable, but Tuesdays are long and I just want to work over the pattern for Rogue so that I can start knitting it. The wool is calling my name. I’d also like to clean my apartment. Well, there’s always this weekend.

In good news, I’m learning how to write copy at work. Its very time consuming and a little frustrating but I think I’m doing a good job for my first attempt. The project I’m working on could turn into a big ball of mess if I don’t keep an extensive paper trail of all decisions made so I am doing just that. There’s post-it notes, printed emails, etc all ready to file away.

Does anyone know of an adhesive that can be used to attach postcards to a plaster wall (painted) that won’t destroy either the paint or the cards? I have a whole bunch of postcards up on my office wall but they keep falling down on me. (They’re currently held up with scotch tape. I love that stuff).

The weather felt a little more normal here today. I’m glad because the 60 degrees in January was starting to weird me out quite a bit. Its just not right. 30’s I’m okay with, because that’s the normal for here. A 30 degree jump in temperature is a little bit freaky. This entry is really random and mostly me being a bit crabby. I apologize.

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