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Alright, but a Little Sad.

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I found out yesterday that my new job won’t be starting as soon as I had hoped.  The woman I’ll be working under got assigned a huge special project that would leave her no time to work with me.  So I’ll be starting on September 22nd instead of September 1st.  The reason the wait is so long is that I will be gone from the 12th-18th for field school in Idaho.  Island Park I believe, at Harriman State Park’s Railroad Ranch.  I’ll be getting up at 6.45 am, and working all day doing hands-on preservation work, then sitting down to a lecture that ends at 9pm every day.  I’m actually very very excited, I get to meet all of the people that I’ll be working with in my graduate program in a bonding-type experience.  

Speaking of which, this is going to be an interesting experience for me.  It appears that the majority (if not all) of the people that share both my major and my concentration (Preservation Theory, Design and Technology) are women.  Now, those of you that know me personally know that I have a general disdain for women.  Why? Because of the cattiness and the drama.  I find that the women I DO like, also share this disdain for those things.  So, let’s all hope these are the latter type of women!

I have my last closing shift of the week tonight.  Then I have tomorrow off.  I also ended up having Sunday off because they aren’t allowed to work me more than 5 days a week.  Derek and I are talking about maybe taking a trip up to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. They have a bat display there that we haven’t seen yet and neither of us can remember if it goes just until Labor Day, or if it runs later.  Either way, its the place he took me on our first real date, and I love it there.  I love watching the seals, sea lions and otters, and I tolerate going into the tubes to see the sharks that Derek loves.  They kind of creep me out, so I always end up clinging to his hand/arm. My guess is that we are much more likely to spend the day home, being lazy, since there’s 3ish hours of driving involved in going there and coming back. We’ll see.

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