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Ready for the Weekend.

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Alright, I am tired. This close-open stuff is definitely not the most fun in the world.  Friday night when I came home I was wired and then couldn’t fall asleep.  Last night I was tired but my muscles needed a little time to relax before I could go to bed. Since I had a horrible day yesterday (work was good though) Derek stayed home here with me last night. I slept mostly like a rock. However, getting up for work came too early.  

Anyway, I have the best boyfriend in the whole world.  When I came home on my lunch break, we talked about whether or not he was going to go home last night. We decided that he’d leave after I was ready for bed, only then I called on my walk back to work and told him that if he did that, he’d have to wake me up to call and let me know he was home, so he ought to just go.  About an hour or so later, the guy I was working with saw him walking up to the store.  So I figured he stopped in to say goodbye quickly.  Turns out he got about 15 minutes or so away (to Junction City) and turned around and came home to be with me.  Also, while I was at work he did ALL of the dishes, swept the kitchen and cleaned up the living room since he knows I only have one day off this week. Isn’t he the best? Anyway, I’ll be back with more content either tonight or tomorrow.  There hasn’t been any knitting in awhile, I’ve been busy.

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