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Tired of the Drama.

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I am tired of the Drama that has been slowly adding up in my life.  There’s a little bit of, okay, a lot of drama at work right now, although I am thankfully NOT the center of it.  Luckily, someone does intend on trying to remove the drama, the person that is in charge enough to do so.  I felt bad Friday night/yesterday because one of my coworkers was very upset over the drama, again, it didn’t center on him, but he was dealing with the majority of it because it got forced against him.  Anyway, that’s a lot of crypticness.  

I am 100% hooked on Queer As Folk.  Derek and I are now almost through the third disc of the first season and have discs 4 and 5 sitting on the desk waiting for us to be ready for them.  

We tried to watch Connie & Carla last night.  We made it ten minutes before I decided that it was so bad, that there was nowhere it could go but down.  So we shut it off and went to bed early as I was exhausted from work.  We also had a lovely living-room picnic last night, Derek helped me make dinner and then we just spent the evening together. Anyway, that’s about all, I have my second close-open today/tomorrow.

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