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The Quest is Over.

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So, yesterday Derek and I were going to go swimming shortly after he got home.  I went and grabbed my bathing suit, only to discover that it had somehow developed a whole in the bottom.  Well, that wasn’t going to work so we set out on a quest. A quest for a new bathing suit bottom. Its in the 90’s here. Summer doesn’t end at the end of August here. And in the first place we went, there was nary a swim suit to be found.  The second place held 1 item that was even remotely my size, and it was uglier than the $10 they were asking for it. So today, because I needed more B-vitamins, we set out to Target. I love Target. That’s definitely a part of the midwest that I adopted.  Anyway, on clearance I found several options in my size.    One of them was a lovely pale blue, for $4. And it fit perfectly. So the quest is over. I feared it would be much longer and more frustrating.  We brought it home, and went swimming, and it was wonderful.  And now I’m off to get ready for work. I work two sets of close-open shifts this weekend. We’ll see how tired I am by monday night.

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