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Sockin’ Fool

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Thanks fellow knitters on the sock compliements. The pinkish pair were my first ever and man, am I hooked.

So, yesterday was one of those days. It all started at 10.15 pacific, with my cell phone ringing. Since I use it as my alarm clock, it was right next to the bed. Somehow I had screwed up my shifts at work by looking at the wrong week on the calendar and instead of having to work at 4 like I had thought, I was supposed to be there at 10. I made it there in 19 minutes. Of course it helps that I only live a 4 minute walk away. Once there I was just discombobulated all day. I was kind of tired, kind of out of it, and I’ve been battling issues with my sinuses lately. Then I came home (a copy of 13 going on 30 in hand) and proceeded to become completely lost until about 3 am when I finally put myself to bed. I’m not even too sure what I did with a lot of that time, other than watching the Sunday Evening Sex Show on the Oxygen network at midnight. That show cracks me up. Little old Canadian lady talking sex with people who a. can’t talk with their partner, b. are entirely misinformed and c. who apparently think a dildo is the devil (some of them). She has a chest of toys and is constantly whipping them out while talking, and last night, I almost peed myself laughing when some guy called in to say that his girlfriend was terrified that she might get pregnant by swallowing during oral. Yup. That’s the kind of questions she fields. If you get the oxygen network, I totally recommend checking it out, she cracks me up.

Alright, since I’m not entirely sure I’ve stated this, I work at Blockbuster now. Its not ideal, being so corporate and all, but it helps to pay the bills and I love my coworkers. Also, its not a permanent career, which makes it easier. I also start a second job in a month, one that is much much more in line with my degrees and with my interest and experience in graphic design. The best part of my job is that I get free movies. They called it “product familiarization” or something like that. So, I’ve watched a lot of movies in the past couple of weeks…Let’s see…before i started working there derek and i had rented-
The Cooler which was good. Once Upon a Time in the Midlands which was okay and Bubba Ho-Tep which was fantastic.
Since then we’ve seen God is Great, and I’m Not-GREAT, Boondock Saints-fantastic, one of my favorites, Starsky and Hutch-pretty good, Spiderman-great, we watched it again and then saw the second one, 13 Going on 30-really cute, Men In Black-don’t know, didn’t watch it, Hellboy-disappointing, Love Actually-again, disappointing, Le Divorce-alright, Intolerable Cruelty-pretty good, Pieces of April-mediocre, Owning Mahowny-okay, 13 Conversations about 1 Thing-fantastic, About a Boy-good, SLC Punk-also good, Animal House-alright, Derek made me watch it because it was film at UO, The Tao of Steve-eengh, Elephant-I didn’t care for it, and Ameican Splendor-very good.

There are three more movies but I can’t for the life of me remember what. I think I’m on movie overload. If anyone has any recommendations, new movies, old movies, please leave me a comment and let me know! I’m running out of ones I think I ought to see already.

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