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The Sound of Silence

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Alright, there are many reasons for my silence. A. My computer is dead. Dead-dead. Derek’s going to rig one up for me out of mostly parts
that he has and I’m going to try to sell my laptop for parts. B. I have no internet (why bother if I have no computer?) C. I have no job yet, sadly. Well, I do have a job, a decent paying job that
I’m going to really really like, only it won’t start until September. So Monday Derek and I are going looking for more job applications. Blah. D. I was very very sick. I had the cold from hell.
I spent my birthday laying on the couch feeling miserable. Derek cooked me a wonderful dinner, and we just kind of kicked back. He also spoiled me a little, buying me Invader Zim on DVD as well as
Empire Records – the fan edition. He also bought me a fantastic step-stool from Target. Pine with a natural finish, two steps, with a lid that lifts up over a little storage area. We found it in
the kid’s furniture section of the store and I fell in love with it. Derek was really sweet and bought it, surprising me with it when he came home on my birthday. I love my apartment only there’s a
lot of shelves in the cupboards in the kitchen that I just can’t reach.

Last Thursday Jill, Derek’s mom, came down to see my new apartment. Unfortunately I had a head full of snot and
was pretty miserable the entire time. She bought me a really cute charm bracelet for my birthday where the charms are actually links, eliminating the hanging, dangling bits that irritate me about
charm bracelets. We went and had lunch at Roadhouse Grill and then went to CostCo to stock up on random bulk food items. I now have 6 pounds of frozen meatballs, 4 pounds of flash frozen chicken
breasts and a buttload of trashbags. We also picked up olive oil, tomato sauce and pudding cups. Lots and lots of pudding cups. Then I went home and slept.

Tomorrow I’m having a
housewarming of sorts. We had an impromptu “I’m really really not unpacked but let’s have some beer” get together, back when my dad was still in town, with Derek and some of our friends. Tomorrow
is going to mostly be his family-his mom, grandmother, stepfather, and our friend Ben (Derek’s roommate). I’ll be meeting his stepfather and grandmother for the first time. We’re heading back from
Corvallis shortly (Derek’s at work as I type this) and intend to go buy party food on our way home. We’ll be grilling, which will be fun and I think I’m going to spend this evening alternating
between cooking and cleaning the hell out of my apartment. Having been sick, things let slide just a little bit. Oh well.

Until next time.

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