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I’m a bad bad blogger…

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I have been trying to get a blog post up for awhile but I’m mostly just tired and sometimes lazy. This morning is no different. Let’s just
suffice it to say that my home won’t have internet access until I have a job, and as I don’t have one yet, I am at the mercy of only having internet when I am in Corvallis at my boyfriend’s home.
We’re going back to Eugene this afternoon, in search of a job. Anyway, this makes little sense. I’ve been knitting, I finished a hat yesterday which I hope will get a little bit larger when I block
it (its ribbed, so I just need to stretch it a little). I also need to work on socks and do some other things. There’s a party at the boy’s on Saturday night, so I figure I can probably sock it up
then. Since there will be a lot of inside jokes I’m not privvy to (his group of friends included approximately one female, who is getting married in about a month, and so its a
“we’ve-been-friends-for-a-million-years-so-lets-drink-some-beer get-together). Anyway. I’m off.

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