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Special Guest host

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Greetings all. I’m doing a special guest post for Bon as she
is up to here neck in trying to get her thesis done. I’m Derek, but you probably know me better as “The Boy.” We
decided it might be a good idea to let you get to know me as I’ll be keeping you up to date as Bonnie makes the the
move from Fargo, ND to Eugene, OR next month.

About Derek

Name: Derek
Aliases: Bishma, D-Style. The
Date Of Birth: April 1, 2 A.E. (After Elvis)
Place of Birth: Take a left a Neptune and you’ll find it.
Hair: The Color of Sunsets… If sunsets were Brown
Eyes: They’re organs that allow me to see, but thets not
important right now.
Sex: I think I sort of remember sex… or maybe I’m thinking of freeze tag
Turn on’s: Bonnie
Turn Off’s: Not Bonnie
Height: Exactly 88.8192 times shorter than the Washington
Weight: Whats it to you?
Home: Corvallis, OR

This post was brought to you be the letter’s
B and D and the number 42.

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