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three is a magic number…

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…and it was also the time i had a meeting with my secondary
thesis critic today…which i missed…because i was 20 minutes late…because my staff member who was supposed to show
up and take over for me today was late…and i could’ve closed down shop, but i was really hesitant to because it
would’ve meant closing early for the weekend, and projects not getting finished that needed to. So I was late for my
meeting, and consequently had to reschedule it because my critic had a faculty meeting at 3.30. Needless to say I was

Today is my Friday. NDSU gives students Good Friday and Easter Monday off. Most people go home, or
at least a lot. Me, I’ll be locked in my room, music blaring, drawing and drawing and drawing. Hoping to get a lot of
my thesis drawings done so I can start rendering. Thesis may just kill me. Keep your fingers crossed that I make it
out of undergraduate studies and into graduate…Uffda!

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