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The past and the present and the future

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Alright. I am not a tiny girl. We all know this, whatever,
I like me. Anyway, on my walk home today I got dirt blown up from off the ground, into my eyes. that stings like a
badass. I’m 5’7″ tall, dirt chunks should not be able to be blown that high. Also, there were points in my walk home
where I had to stop walking and hunker down, bracing myself against the wind for fear of getting toppled over by the
wind. Why? you may ask yourself and the answer that you ought to tell yourself is that we’re having a rainy spring
day and the wind is blowing at 40 miles an hour with pretty well nothing to stop it when you get to the edges of campus
(like most of my walk home from work). I will not miss this when I move to Eugene.

My sister is home from
the hospital. She was discharged yesterday and is at home with my mom in Maine for now. She has to go in for
outpatient treatments at the local hospital, and she’s tired because she’s not resting very well (she’s scared that she
won’t wake up again, i’m sure) and she’s having some respiratory difficulties, but those things are to be expected
given the circumstances. she’s one amazing lady and i love her so much. one of these days i will scan a photo of her
for you all to enjoy. thanks to all who’ve kept her in their thoughts and prayers, its greatly appreciated.

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