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Steady On.

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So, I talked to my mom again today and she said that in the
past 24 hours Sarah had lost 15 pounds. Of water. Because when she went unconscious, and the beginning of her sick,
she gained something like 40 pounds of water. She went from being 136 pounds to somewhere between 170 & 180. But
she’s losing the water, and they predict that while she’ll still be in the ICU on Sunday, that she’ll hopefully be off
the ventilator by then. Providing they get all of this excess fluid off her. Today she was agitated, because her body
is doing well enough to recognize that it was time for her period (YAY!) and she had cramps. Her eyes were open at
different points and while she wasn’t able to squeeze my parents’ hands yet, she was able to nod or shake her head in
response to questions. And mom says that although it was clear she didn’t understand where she was, she obviously
recognized her. Its fantastic. Baby steps.

My sister is very well loved. Three of her friends drove an
hour to sit at the hospital with my parents last night and brought my sister her teddy bear, Theodore. Her friend
Jessica, who found Sarah unconcious, had cleaned Sarah’s dorm room and was going to do her laundry. Sadly, there’s
pretty well no way Sarah will be going back to school this semester, which will frustrate and depress her after
fighting so hard to get back after the neuropathy last semester. Anyway, Mom didn’t take the 3 girls in to see her,
because it just would have scared them. They’ll come back again when she’s awake and about. She’s gotten lots of well
wishes, Harry (her boss and good friend) bought poster board and passed it out for her friends on campus to make her
giant get well signs to paper the walls in, and today she got a get well card from the custodian in her dormitory.
She’s THAT well loved.

While I don’t subscribe to any one particular belief, I do appreciate all the prayers
and hope and good thoughts that everyone has been providing Sarah. I love each and every one of you, and I am so much
more than lucky to have you all in my life. Thank you. She’s going to pull through, I believe it. I have FAITH in

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