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I think I may be slowly going crazy

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So, my dreams have taken a decided turn for the crazy the
past couple of nights. Friday night there was one about zombie skeletons trapped in a shopping
mall/airport/motel/mansion having something to do with a family business in honey. Then last night, I had a dream in
which the place where I lived and/or worked had Saddam Hussein in a cage, like a puppy at the pound. And then all of a
sudden a plane similar to JayJay the Jet Engine plowed through into my apartment/workplace. It was so weird, and I woke
up to the sound of a plane flying by overhead and had to convince myself it was okay to go back to sleep.

Yesterday I had my second adventure in cars in the snow. Okay, so most of this adventure wasn’t mine. Jessica had
had her car jumped by 3-4 people and so the last one finally said that he was pretty sure there was something wrong
with the starter as it appeared that the battery was getting a full charge and her tank was full of gas and had been
treated with Heet (drygas). Well, so around 2pm she asks me to go help her empty out her car because they were going
to come tow it so that it could be at the car doctor’s on Monday at 1 for its appointment. We’re hoping that the car
is done by Monday evening, because a dead starter should be easily fixable. At any rate, it was a whopping 2 degrees
with a windchill of 16 below and I could have danced with joy at how balmy and warm it was. I didn’t need my heavy
boots, I didn’t need my long john pants, and I didn’t have to worry about frostbite eating off my face! HOORAY!

On a side note, this massive increase in my posting has one major reason behind it. Last night I took a
shower. After the shower I was on the phone with Derek (who is responsible for the technical aspects of the upcoming
blog-renovation) and I suddenly realized that I felt like myself. Full of energy and damn happy to be alive. Its
about damn time!!! Let’s see how long this can hold out.

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