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electrified and lit up by an outline of herself

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it has been darn near a month since i posted anything up here.  bad, bad bon.  
i’ve been sick for much of that so at least there is an excuse.  first it was a nasty cold, now my body has succumbed
to bronchitis…which is exceptionally fun…at any rate, there’s not a huge amount of large new things in my life,
although several small occurances and activities surely have kept me on my toes.  

there’s lots of new music
in my life, fountains of wayne, vendetta red, the string cheese incident and a reinstitution of some very amazing art
by Alex Grey.  i had seen his work before, in an issue of Juxtapoz, but had kind of
forgotten about it until i opened the string cheese incident cd that my friend mark had sent me to find that the back
of the liner notes is his piece “cosmic elf” (i think that’s what it is, double check his website to be sure)  there’s
a poster i’ve decided that i have to have, to frame and hang on my wall.  help them avoid the naked.

i got a
box full of halloween cheer from my older sister today, that was exceptionally sweet.  


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