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Baby, Show Me What You Look Like Without Skin

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So, thinking and I are not always friends.  I think far too much, which leads to the third post in one day when I’ve barely
posted in the last month.  How’s that for regularity?  I’ve been distancing myself from people lately…I barely spend
time with anyone outside of class other than Jessica right now, because I know we can survive separation, but everyone
else I’ve pushed to arm’s length while hiding in my little studio apartment on the edge of campus, avoiding contact
with new people I might get attached to.  Well, I was listening to Garden of Simple by Ani DiFranco and I
realized what I really really would like right now is to be able to say to people “baby, show me what you look like
without skin” (not literally obviously), and to be able to respond to people that say the same thing to me…Just
be…comfortable, and real, and not skiddish…To sit and talk for hours about things, and nothings, and life, and
death and everything.  Who knows, I know I have this in some forms, its just that stress and homework take up so much
time for a lot of us that we don’t get to sit and have those times.  I’m going to work on that!


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