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Okay, I’m going to try and rectify my loser-ness.  Lemme see, where do I start? The bus. Greyhound scares me. Men
with only half their teeth, dirty women with saggy breasts, men that breathe on me and call me “Big Squaw”…so every
time I take one I try to find a guy around my age that looks like he’ll not molest me, and will keep other men from
doing that also.  So this time I made friends with a guy named Joe from Winnipeg that works at a freak bar, which is
next to a tatoo place, who was on his way to see his girlfriend in Wisconsinn. He was pretty cool and its a shame I’ll
never see him again because he seemed like someone I could dig being friends with.  Lemme see, what else. Flights home
were pretty uneventful, except for the fact that there were severe thunderstorms over Boston so planes were late…But
all of them were, including the next one I was supposed to leave on so it worked out well…Home was great, relaxing,
if not restful and I came back with a whole different outlook on myself.  It was brilliant seeing Gordon and Jake again
after so long and its great to know how some things never change. Other than that life’s been the same old since I got
back, except work is horribly busy, and I’ve been talking to Hawk a lot more than in the past. He draws href=””>Applegeeks Check it out, its good stuff, he’s an amazing person, his skills and
his ability to make me laugh astound me. Also, I cut my foot open in 4 places this morning, and have been limping ever
since.   Another thing is I have a weird request of y’all. I’m working on a collage of used post-it notes and want
doodles on said notes from my friends.  All it has to be is a post-it (or generic thereof) with some doodle, and a
signature on it.  I’m going to collage a binder with them to combine my love of binders and post-its in one project.
Leave me a comment if you want to do it, and I’ll email you my address, and maybe send you a post-it doodle in return.
Thanks guys!


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