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The Long and Winding Road

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So, I’m
sitting here at work, waiting for my day to be over, and I realize how much of my summer I have spent sitting here at
work, staring at the computer screen, putzing about, waiting for my day to be over.  Also, much of that time I sit here
and curse the air conditioning system in this building and the fact that my desk is almost directly under the vent.  My
fingers have been cold for most of my summer time working hours.
Anyway, enough of that. I do truly like my job,
its just monotonous, and tedious some days and completely overwhelming other days. Today has been somewhat hectic, and
I’m ready for a nap as I stayed up too late drawing last night. Then I have to get a large amount of cleaning done
before I head over to see a friend who is going to show me the quilt she’s making for her husband and herself and then
take me out to supper.  Why is she taking me out to supper, you ask? Because I insisted on paying for her supper one
night back in DECEMBER and she’s insistant that it is now her turn to treat. Trust me, I know better than to fight this
fight because I WILL lose.
I leave for the Twin Cities late Friday night, to spend a little time with a friend
there before getting on a plane on Sunday morning to fly home to Maine to see my family for a week.  I’m so excited
about being home because I get to see two of my closest friends, and I haven’t seen them in 2 and 3.25 years
respectively.  And my dad is taking time off to spend time with me, and its been just about seven months since the last
time I was there.  And it’ll be 4 before I’m back there again for Christmas, then after that it will depend on how far
away I end up.  Graduation and getting a real job is kind of looming over me right now because I really want to get
stuff sent out right after Christmas break or so because I really want to have a job locked away before I graduate.  At
any rate, that’s enough tapping and typing for now.


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